Tracing the Bluegrass Genre to its Roots

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If you’re looking for a good selection of modern day bluegrass, Directv or, at the very least, any kind of streaming music service is a good place to find it. Before bluegrass was known as bluegrass, it was generally just considered wild, hillbilly mountain music. In the late 1930s, the Blue Grass Boys assembled and front man Bill Monroe led the way. A heavy mix of early country, folk, and gospel music, Monroe’s sound shaped the genre as we know it and he even gained recognition as the father of bluegrass.

Born deep in the mountains of Appalachia, bluegrass music is the result of Irish, Scottish, English, and Welsh traditions mingling with African-American jazz and blues tendencies. Based heavily on early English and Scottish ballads consisting of heavy narrative, bluegrass is truly the sound of the early American immigrant.

When immigrants from the greater United Kingdom area began settling around the Appalachian mountains in the United States, they brought with them their fiddles, dances, and jigs. It was black American musicians in those areas who brought the sound of the banjo into the mix and introduced improvisational techniques to those traditional tunes from across the Atlantic.

Monroe’s eventual Blue Grass Boys lineup featuring Earl Scruggs on banjo, Lester Flatt on guitar and vocals, Chubby Wise on fiddle, and Cedric Rainwater on bass is generally considered the definition of true blue grass music. From its deep Appalachian roots to its modern day legends, bluegrass remains one of the most colorful genres of music in America.

How Bluegrass Music Has Developed In The US.

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The uniquely American sound of Bluegrass music rose from the traditional folk music of European emigrants who settled in the Appalachian region of the United States. The combination of acoustic instruments and three-part harmonies were brought into the main stream as Bluegrass with the Grand Ole Opry appearance of Bill and the Bluegrass Boys in 1939. Bandleader Bill Monroe, from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, and his band, blended country, blues and gospel music to create their original sound. Their music featured varying harmonies combined with mandolin, guitar, fiddle, bass Read more…

How Bluegrass Music Compares To Other Classic Genres.

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With its name and style attributed to Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys in the 1930s, the sound of bluegrass is somewhat specific and hasn’t evolved like country and some of its other subgenres. Taking inspiration from Scottish, Irish, English and eventually African American styles, it grew out of tradition the Appalachian region of the United States and mostly utilizes string instruments. It was originally used as accompaniment for dancing, and its mixture of Celtic sounds and Southern gospel music has proved a lasting influence to this day.

Compared to country, a much wider genre, bluegrass is differentiated by Read more…

Where To Find Tickets For Bluegrass Concerts.

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Where To Find Tickets For Bluegrass Concerts

There are many online ticket brokers and websites that feature the sale of bluegrass concerts. Let’s take a look and narrow our searches to some of the most user-friendly and easiest spots to find bluegrass concerts on the web. American bluegrass has become and integral part of the music landscape in the United States and around the world. Each year there are hundreds of different bluegrass music festivals all over the world Read more…

The Most Popular Bluegrass Music Artists Of The Decade.

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Bluegrass music has come out of the hollows and hit the suburbs in the last decade. One of the most popular artists during that time has been Alison Krauss. Her music crosses genres and appeals to fans of pop, folk and country. It hasn’t mattered whether she’s been singing bluegrass with Union Station on their album “Paper Airplane” or singing duets with Robert Plant on their platinum seller “Raising Sand,” people want to hear her. Her pure, high vocals are good for any type Read more…

Where To Find Free Information On Bluegrass Artists.

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Bluegrass is a style of music that is made from stringed instruments influenced by a variety of musical styles. Musicians used acoustic instruments and lyrics to reflect their rural life experiences. The combined melody of blues, African-American jazz, European folk and country became the making of a new sound and style known as bluegrass.

Bill Monroe and his band the “Blue Grass Boys” are referred to as The Father of Bluegrass creating the style of music that is admired by diverse and loyal people today. Since the beginning, the 1940′s are believed to be the Read more…

Where To Buy Or Order Bluegrass Music.

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Gone are the days when a bluegrass fan had to be sure to take enough money to a performance to buy a record at the venue after the show. While that was a great way to get an autograph, it was a hard way to build up your bluegrass collection. The easiest way is to buy online.

Book store chains can be a great source for bluegrass music. A quick check of one recently showed over 3,000 selections available online. You can have what you want shipped to your home or pick it up at your local store. Read more…

Bluegrass Festivals for First-Timers

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If you don’t know bluegrass you may have an imagine in your head of the kid from Deliverance on your Direct TVthat’s not bluegrass. There are a number of great festivals showcasing the genre this time of yearwhy not get out and check one out?
Arcadia Fall Mountain Music Festival: This one’s in Missouri so if you don’t live in the south it’s an easier trip. Expect tons of bluegrass acts Read more…

How To Learn About The History Of Bluegrass Music.

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To truly learn about bluegrass music, you have to go where bluegrass was born. You have to go into the hills of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. You need to explore the small communities built up around coal and timber. Music is all about place and people. To understand the high lonesome sound you need to hear the wind whistling down the pines while sipping on a little homemade.
Bluegrass was born from the Old Time music of the Scotch, Irish, and Read more…

The Best Online Sites For Bluegrass Artists.

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With the recent rise in popularity of bluegrass music, a number of informative websites have appeared online that provide up to date news, artist profiles and tour dates. Here are two great websites that will aid in your immersion into the wide world of bluegrass music.

The Bluegrass Blog (

Founded by John Lawless and Brance Gillihan, The Bluegrass Blog has been the leading resource for information on bluegrass artists since 2005. The blog itself features a wide variety of articles ranging from Read more…

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