How To Learn About The History Of Bluegrass Music.

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To truly learn about bluegrass music, you have to go where bluegrass was born. You have to go into the hills of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. You need to explore the small communities built up around coal and timber. Music is all about place and people. To understand the high lonesome sound you need to hear the wind whistling down the pines while sipping on a little homemade.
Bluegrass was born from the Old Time music of the Scotch, Irish, and Read more…

The Best Online Sites For Bluegrass Artists.

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With the recent rise in popularity of bluegrass music, a number of informative websites have appeared online that provide up to date news, artist profiles and tour dates. Here are two great websites that will aid in your immersion into the wide world of bluegrass music.

The Bluegrass Blog (

Founded by John Lawless and Brance Gillihan, The Bluegrass Blog has been the leading resource for information on bluegrass artists since 2005. The blog itself features a wide variety of articles ranging from Read more…

Tips To Finding The Best Bluegrass Music Online.

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When it comes to finding the best bluegrass music online, there are some simple tips to follow to expand your musical palate when it comes to good ol’ bluegrass. Of course, the radio might be the greatest resource, but it can be hard to come by a bluegrass station on your average AM/FM.

The easiest route is to establish if there is a particular artist or song in the bluegrass genre that you like. With that, find a music recommendation service that you can easily navigate, and create a custom station based on your artist or song. Read more…

Bluegrass Music, And Where It Originated.

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Bluegrass music is one of the strongest roots of American music. Bluegrass music itself is considered a sub-genre of country music and showcases an amalgam of western European and African influences. The birthplace of bluegrass music is most commonly situated in the Appalachian mountains were English, Scottish, and Welsh immigrants settled in the late 19th century. The music was intended to properly accompany different styles of dancing that were popular with the mountain folk during their time of recreation.

Bluegrass utilizes a myriad of different types of instruments Read more…