The Best Online Sites For Bluegrass Artists.

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With the recent rise in popularity of bluegrass music, a number of informative websites have appeared online that provide up to date news, artist profiles and tour dates. Here are two great websites that will aid in your immersion into the wide world of bluegrass music.

The Bluegrass Blog (

Founded by John Lawless and Brance Gillihan, The Bluegrass Blog has been the leading resource for information on bluegrass artists since 2005. The blog itself features a wide variety of articles ranging from artist profiles, videos of live performances and industry news.I was looking for more information and found it here. The defining feature of The Bluegrass Blog is its member forum. Known as “The B”, the forum allows visitors to interact with each other regarding their favorite bluegrass topics and has become a valuable tool for independent bluegrass artists in promoting their music.

Cybergrass (

Cybergrass creator Bob Cherry is credited for starting the first online resource for bluegrass music in 1992. Since those early days of the internet, his site has become one of the most trusted bluegrass sites available. First time visitors should check out Cybergrass’ Top Ten feature which showcases articles such as “Ripping Your Vinyl LP Albums To CDs or MP3s” and tips on finding the best outlets to stream bluegrass radio.

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