How To Learn About The History Of Bluegrass Music.

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To truly learn about bluegrass music, you have to go where bluegrass was born. You have to go into the hills of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. You need to explore the small communities built up around coal and timber. Music is all about place and people. To understand the high lonesome sound you need to hear the wind whistling down the pines while sipping on a little homemade.
Bluegrass was born from the Old Time music of the Scotch, Irish, and English immigrants. When they settled in the Appalachian Mountains they brought their music with them. The isolated and rugged nature allowed of the landscape allowed the music to remain largely free of outside interference as it developed. Bluegrass departed from Old Time in that rather than all instruments playing the melody in Bluegrass each instrument takes the lead at times with other instruments playing the accompaniment. This is known as a breakdown. Bluegrass also incorporated the Banjo which at the time was unknown in old time music. It was introduced by black blues musicians.
One cannot discuss Bluegrass Music without mentioning Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys. In fact, the Blue Grass Boys did not get their name because they played Blue Grass. Bluegrass is named Bluegrass because of the Blue Grass Boys. The Blue Grass Boys are almost solely responsible for the spread of blue grass. Several members of the band went on to start their own bands and thus a genre was born. Some notable members are: Earl Scruggs, The Stanley Brothers, Lester Flatt, Peter Rowan, and Ricky Skaggs.
Bluegrass has grown and changed over the years and features a history as rich as the land that gave it birth.What’s 1 more click? Your boss isn’t watching… Mathew A. Koeneker: The Del McCoury Band and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band to Release Joint Album – The Del McCoury Band

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