The Most Popular Bluegrass Music Artists Of The Decade.

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Bluegrass music has come out of the hollows and hit the suburbs in the last decade. One of the most popular artists during that time has been Alison Krauss. Her music crosses genres and appeals to fans of pop, folk and country. It hasn’t mattered whether she’s been singing bluegrass with Union Station on their album “Paper Airplane” or singing duets with Robert Plant on their platinum seller “Raising Sand,” people want to hear her. Her pure, high vocals are good for any type Read more…

Where To Find Free Information On Bluegrass Artists.

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Bluegrass is a style of music that is made from stringed instruments influenced by a variety of musical styles. Musicians used acoustic instruments and lyrics to reflect their rural life experiences. The combined melody of blues, African-American jazz, European folk and country became the making of a new sound and style known as bluegrass.

Bill Monroe and his band the “Blue Grass Boys” are referred to as The Father of Bluegrass creating the style of music that is admired by diverse and loyal people today. Since the beginning, the 1940′s are believed to be the Read more…